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About Us

At Upper Path Recovery, we are fully committed to providing the highest quality of care that supports and empowers individuals on their path to recovery. Our addiction treatment services cater directly to the needs of each individual, while our highly qualified clinicians and therapists help patients overcome the challenges that come with addiction.

Treatment Needs in Woodland Hills, CA

We offer treatment to the entire region of Woodland Hills, located on the border of the Santa Monica mountains in the San Fernando Valley area of Los Angeles, CA. Like other neighborhoods and cities in the country, alcohol and drug addiction are a concern for many people in this area.

At Upper Path Recovery, we understand that not everyone can afford to participate in residential or inpatient treatment in the Woodland Hills area, which is why we offer outpatient services that still offer intensive care services.

We realized that many people with substance use disorders find it impossible to take time off work or household responsibilities to be able to go through a detox process or therapy sessions.

To be able to provide the help that people in the area require, we offer: 

You should not have to put aside your own recovery process because you cannot take time away from your responsibilities.

Outpatient detox services are very helpful for those who need to begin recovery but cannot stay at a residential facility. With the ability to receive medical monitoring without having to stay overnight at our facilities or even having to visit us every day, most people who want to begin recovery can do so safely and with minimal disruption.

Partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient, and standard outpatient programs at Upper Path Recovery allow you to receive individual therapy and group therapy sessions that you need while continuing your daily life.

At Woodland Hills, CA, there is an excellent selection of 12-step programs that we encourage all of our patients to participate in. You can find Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous meetings throughout the week to help you receive the support and motivation you need.

Our Vision

At Upper Path Recovery, we turn to evidence-based addiction treatment services that can help those who need assistance in Woodland Hills, CA, to break free from substance use disorders.

We rely on medical detox to help you overcome the first hurdle in getting sober. Withdrawal symptoms and cravings can be intimidating, but you can overcome them with our help.

Once you are ready to begin the recovery process, we turn to behavioral therapy and holistic therapy options that can help you uncover the underlying cause of your addiction. Our compassionate team can help you regain confidence in yourself and your commitment to sobriety.

Excellence in Treatment

Excellence in addiction treatment is what we strive for. Our staff has years of experience and training, and they are ready to offer the support you need. Addiction is a chronic condition, so building a strong foundation on which to recover is essential. With experts at your side, you can learn the skills you need to continue helping yourself through the challenges of recovery. 

Individualized Treatment

We believe that each person who comes to Upper Path Recovery is an individual with unique needs and challenges. To be able to provide comprehensive care, we offer individualized treatment options.

Before putting a treatment program together, we perform a thorough mental health and physical health evaluation to determine what options will work best for your needs. By being able to cater to your individual needs, our team can help you delve into what may be affecting your recovery journey.

State-of-the-Art Facilities

Recovering from a substance use disorder requires the highest level of care, and that is what Upper Path Recovery can offer. Our location in Woodland Hills, CA, allows us to have a large facility where you can find comfort and security while in treatment.

We know that clutter and unpleasant surroundings can seriously impact addiction recovery, so we offer a clean, airy, and large location to accommodate our staff and patients comfortably as they come and go throughout the day.

Holistic Therapies

Recovery goes beyond standard behavioral therapies. You are a whole person with goals and activities you enjoy or used to enjoy doing. Having access to holistic therapies can help you find yourself once again.

Holistic therapies like art therapy, music therapy, and exercise therapy can help you gain self-confidence and start finding joy in things that are not related to your addiction.

Community-Centered Recovery

You should not attempt to recover from addiction on your own. Having a community of people offering support and providing the encouragement you need can make staying sober less complicated.

Addiction is already an isolating condition, so trying to get through recovery without the support of others can actually make the problem worse. At Upper Path Recovery, we can teach you how to engage with others who are struggling with addiction and with loved ones who want the best for you.

With group therapy and family sessions, you can listen to those who have years of sobriety behind them as well as those who have relapsed and are ready to start again.

Without strong community support, it can be tough to maintain the motivation you need to stay sober. To help with this, we also offer aftercare programs that help keep you engaged with your recovery and can point you to the right self-help groups in Woodland Hills, CA.

Your Recovery Starts Here

Our admissions team is ready 24/7 to guide you through the process, from admission to coordinating travel, treatment programs, and more.